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The village Dalen is situated in the county Tokke and in the province Telemark. With its 900 inhabitants Dalen is a typical Norwegian village. It has a cosy centre, different shops. Dalen is situated 72 metres above sea level and lays in a valley. Between the town Skien and the village Dalen lays the well-known Telemark Canal. This canal has several locks and a beautiful sealing route. You have the huge mountains of Tokke which range from 800 till 1550 metres. Tokke is very centrally situated in Southern Norway, which makes it ideal for excursions. The climate of these surroundings is stable with warm summers and cold snowy winters.


Overview of the valley in the background the village of Dalen, behind the lake.

Dalen hotelVest-Telemark Museum

The surroundings from Dalen

The below images are from the direct surrounding area, there are many beautiful places to see.

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